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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Semi-Metallic gaskets (SWG) are designed to feature soft, pliable sealing materials which enhance the tightness of the assembly with lower overall load requirements when compared to full metallic gaskets.

SWGs can be used against virtually any corrosive medium, dependending on the choice of the metal and filler/facing material, and can withstand temperature ranges from cryogenic to approximately 2000ºF. Semi-metallic gaskets can generally be used in pressures ranging from vacuum to those seen in ASME B16.5 standard 2500 pressure class flange rating

Style W

A winding is made of alternate plies of a metal wire and a soft non-metallic filler. The metal wire in the gasket is preformed into a “chevron” configuration, allowing superior resiliency and self-adjustment when compared to conventional gaskets.

The Style W is just a sealing component (winding) only, which is normally used on tongue and groove joints, male and female facings and groove to flat flange facings.

Style WR

Style WR gaskets consist of a winding with a solid metal outer guide ring. These gaskets can be used on plain flat face flanges and on raised face flanges. The outer guide ring serves to center the gasket properly in the flange joint, acts as an anti-blowout device, provides radial support for the Spiral Wound components, and acts as a compression gauge to prevent the Spiral Wound component from being crushed.

Style WRI

Style WRI is identical to style WR, with the addition of an inner ring. The inner ring also serves several functions. Primarily, it provides radial support for the gasket on the I.D. to help prevent the occurrences of buckling or imploding. Its I.D. is normally sized slightly larger than the I.D. of the flange bore, minimizing turbulence in process flow. The inner rings are normally supplied in the same material as the spiral wound component. Lamons normally manufactures standard Style WR and WRI spiral wound gaskets to ASME B16.20, designed to suit ASME B16.5 and ASME B16.47 flanges.

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

Lamons manufactures and supplies a large variety of ring joint gaskets. The RTJ standard size gaskets are manufactured in accordance to API-6A and ASME B16.20 specifications. Lamons is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) as a level 4 high quality rating supplier. API ring Joint gaskets come in two basic types, an oval cross section (Style 377) and an octagonal cross section (Style 388).

OVAL (Style 377)  and OCTAGONAL (Style 388)

These basic shapes are used in pressures up to 10,000 psi. The dimensions are standardized and require specially grooved flanges.

STYLE RX (Style 391)

The RX ring gasket features a cross section designed to take advantage of the contained fluid pressure in effecting a seal. The RX is interchangeable with standard octagonal rings in API 6B flanges, and at pressures up to 15,000 psi.

STYLE BX (Style 390)

The BX ring gasket is square in cross section and tapers in each corner. They can only be used in API 6BX flanges and at pressures up to 15,000 psi.


Type SRX and SBX gaskets per API 17D for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment are vented to prevent pressure lock when connections are made up underwater.

Compressed Sheet Gaskets


A general service sheet gasket material with a width range of application potential. Manufactured with a formulation of high quality fillers, premium aramid fibers and nitrile binder, L-441 is the workhorse of the Lamon’s gasket line.


A compressed gasket material with a reinforcement structure consisting of glass and aramid fibers. Excellent resistance to steam due to glass fiber. A premium nitrile binder is utilized to achieve resilience and additional chemical resistance.


A compressed sheet gasket material utilizing a Neoprene binder. This material has an inherent resistance to oil and petroleum based solvents.

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Isolation Gaskets

Lamons’ Isotek® Sealing kits are a range of proprietary gasketing kits (Gasket/Flanges/Bolts) designed for use in high temperature critical sealing applications or when electrical isolation and corrosion control are required on pipes containing gas, natural gas, oil, and other hydrocarbon based medias.


The Defender™ FS (Fire Safe) sealing/isolating gasket is designed to withstand the rigorous API standard 6FB (Third Edition) test and therefore provides a solution for those who want to electrically isolate their flange while also requiring protection against the potential introduction of fire in and around the flange.


Manufactured with a 316 stainless steel core retainer and laminated on both sides with high strength laminates, the Defender™ gasket is resistant to deforming under load and temperatures up to 392ºF (200ºC)

Available for flat face, raised face and ring type joint flanges from 1/2″ to 36″, ANSI 150-2500# and API 2-10K


The Isomate gasket is an economical solution for basic performance. Isomate sealing/isolating gasket consists of a Phenolic retainer faced on both sides with Nitrile rubber material.

The Isomate gasket is available for flat face and raised face joint flanges from 1/2″ to 24″, ANSI 150-300# and can resist hydrocarbon based medias up to 175ºF(79ºC).


The IsoGuard™ sealing/isolating gasket system consists of a retainer with an incline-plane seal groove geometry designed to optimize each seal’s elastic memory, in conjunction with a Quad ring. The IsoGuard can resist hydrocarbon based medias up to 302ºF(150ºC).

Available for flat face, raised face and ring type joint flanges from 1/2″ to 48″, ANSI 150-1500# and API 2-5K, the IsoGuard™ gasket is an engineered value added solution for trouble free operation.

Custom Specification Gaskets

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